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I am now an Adobe Premiere Pro Associate as well as experienced in other Adobe Cloud products.

Currently, I shoot on a Sony A7iii with the Ronin S for stabilization. I have invested in a few lenses other than the stock lenses as well as a basic four point lighting setup. 

Adobe Associate.png

Stockton heat

Probably my biggest source of professional experience is interning with the Stockton Heat Hockey team, the AHL affiliate of the Calgary Flames. Here I work with the communications manager in order to create videos for social media, as well as for arena presentation. Probably the highlight of this internship is getting to see my video played as the pre-game hype video before every game. 

To see some of this work, check out or the Stockton Heat Page on this site!

Stockton Heat.JPG

About Me

My name is Luke Martin. After discovering my love for video production early on in high school, I have been engaged and learning the craft ever since. I am currently in the Radio and Television Program at Delta College where I am continuing to learn and perfect the craft. 

This website is meant to serve as a digital portfolio of my work. While I'm not sure what specific field I wish to end up in, this site offers a broad showcase of my work in photography, videography and film production. 

What I use

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